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The Stark Education Partnership - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Stark County, Ohio -  is a catalyst, engaging and collaborating with education, business, civic and community stakeholders to drive sustainable improvement and innovation to provide all students with education and career success.  

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Coming March 9, 2018 - Early Childhood Symposium on School Readiness

Issues (December 8, 2017) Stark County will host a conference on March 9, 2018 entitled,  The Early Childhood Advantage: A Symposium on School Readiness. The gathering is designed to bring together early...

Making An Early Investment

Issues (December 1, 2017) "...Start at birth, and coordinate services into comprehensive early childhood programs...[in order to] achieve greater economic and social gains." - James J. Heckman...

Stark Focuses on Birth to Age Three

Issues (November 17, 2017) You don't begin at 5. You don't begin at 3. You begin before birth. It has been commonly stated that parents are their children's first and best teachers. Research tells us that we don't need to...

While Making Progress in Increasing Education Attainment, Ohio Still Lags Behind National Average

Issues (November 10, 2017) The Ohio Department of Higher Education has a goal for 65% of the state's adults (age 18 to 64) to have "a degree, certificate or other postsecondary workforce credential of value in....

LifeReady Badging

Issues (November 3, 2017) According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, over the last decade, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) occupations grew 24.4%, while other occupations grew 4%. STEM....

Recent Publications & Videos

Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Artul Living and Learning

A report on the early childhood educational program implemented in six Stark County sites. Download the PDF »


Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Proof Positive

A report on the first eight graduating classes of the Timken Early College High School. Download the PDF »


Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Resolving Ohio's Testing Conundrum

The Partnership's white paper on testing that recommends Ohio establish a hybrid system of graduation requirements and school assessments with restored authority to local communities. Download the PDF »


Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Updated September 2017 - Stark County's Significant Educational Progress

Brief pamphlet updating the results on several major drivers of Stark's educational progress. Download the PDF »




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