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The Stark Education Partnership - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Stark County, Ohio -  is a catalyst, engaging and collaborating with education, business, civic and community stakeholders to drive sustainable improvement and innovation to provide all students with education and career success.  

latest News

Black History Month Speaker: Each of Us are Star Throwers

The Repository (February 25, 2020) Krista Allison challenged the audience Tuesday to find their inner star thrower as depicted in the parable adapted from the “The Star Thrower”...

Student Art Pop-Up Reflects Beyond Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Issues (February 21, 2020) I felt that it was really important to participate, to just have people see what we created. Viewing artwork can really get people thinking about some of the current things...         

Intergenerational Program Connects Preschoolers and Seniors 

Issues (February 14, 2020) "Two generations at opposite ends of the life cycle can inspire each other to be the best they can be." - Karen Shackelford, JRC Director of Development JRC...

Innovation: Resources, Networks and Model Schools

Issues (February 7, 2020) Today, if you visit any of our local schools you will find a wide variety of innovative practices in action, and in some cases, full site transformation. This article - the third in a series...

Innovation: Connecting to Our International Thought Partners

Issues (January 31, 2020) In an effort to help you stay on the leading/innovative edge of education, last week we shared one of the Partnership's favorite visionary platforms...


Recent Publications

Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Updated December 2019 - Stark County's Significant Educational Progress

Brief flyer updating the results on several major drivers of Stark's educational progress. Download the PDF »

Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Alternative Means to Show Student Growth
and Learning

A white paper on open badges and other systems. Download the PDF »


Stark County's Significant Educational Progress - November 2016Never Too Early

A white paper on the importance of high-quality early education and care. Download the PDF »






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