Early College High School

When it opened in 2005, the Early College High School (ECHS) on the downtown satellite campus of Stark State College of Technology at Timken High School was seen as a community "breakthrough" strategy in a city where only 16% of the adult population had a college degree. Now over 300 low income and first generation college going students are enrolled.

Since that time, high school teachers and administrators have been working together with college faculty and administrators to provide successful college experiences for high school students. Supporting students with high school and college faculty team teaching, the hallmark of the program is that low income, first generation and often minority students are provided with an opportunity that they did not think was possible—i.e. to obtain post-secondary credentials.

ECHS, one of only eight such schools in Ohio, is a partnership between the Canton City Schools, Stark State College of Technology, and the Stark Education Partnership. Support is provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates and KnowledgeWorks Foundations and the state of Ohio.

For more information on ECHS see I Want to Go to College.

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