College CREDIT Opportunities

Stark County school districts have embarked on a bold, broadly focused effort to provide College Opportunity Credits—opportunities for students to earn both high school and college credit while attending high school—in ever increasing numbers. This effort involves a series of distinct programs and approaches.

  • PSEO: Districts continue to use the state’s traditional Post-Secondary Education Option (PSEO) as a way of providing college opportunities for high school students. PSEO gives students from grade 9 through 12 the opportunity to take courses on a college campus. Get more information about PSEO »
  • Tech Prep: Simultaneously, Stark County has grown tech prep programs, now enrolling over 1,700 students, and the most recent data show that students enrolled in these programs are going on to college. Get more information about the Stark County Tech Prep Consortium »
  • Summer Scholars: Using dollars provided by the Stark Education Partnership, a dual credit program for low income, first generation students was established in summer 2006. Sixty-three students expected to enter the eleventh grade in the fall, from Stark County School districts, except Canton, were given the opportunity to earn twelve credits from Stark State College of Technology. Sixty-two students completed six credit hours with an average GPA of 2.92. By the end of summer 2007, those same students had completed twelve credit hours. Team teaching was used as college faculty taught the classes and high school teachers provided support. The requirements for student admission were 2.0 rather than the 3.0 required in the post-secondary program.
  • Dual Credit HB 115 Pilot Summer 2007: Instead of using a team teaching model, six local and regional institutions of higher education (The University of Akron, Malone College, Mount Union College, Kent State Stark Campus, Stark State College of Technology and Walsh University), and school districts in Stark, and neighboring Wayne and Columbiana Counties (educational service delivery region 9) developed nine separate courses taught by high school teachers qualified as adjuncts. Fifty-five students enrolled and fifty-three students earned college credit. For a full report see All Students Ready »
  • Dual Credit HB 119 2007-8: Throughout the 2007-08 academic year, local districts and local colleges continued to use high school teachers qualified as college adjuncts to teach dual credit courses to 408 students. The program will continue in 2008-09.
  • Seniors to Sophomores: In response to Governor Strickland’s request for proposals to all school districts in the state, to design programs where students could earn a full year of college credit while in high school, eleven Stark County districts have received funding to develop Dual Credit courses enabling high school seniors to successfully complete their first year of college coursework while in high school. Get more information about Seniors to Sophomores »
  • Advanced Placement: Advanced Placement scores of three or better were earned by 1,291 Stark County students qualifying for college credit in 2007.


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