Scholarship Council

There has been growing awareness in Stark County of the link between education attainment and economic development.

However, a compelling, locally relevant, and needs-based case to ask donors, foundations and businesses in Stark County for more scholarships, internships, and co-ops to support both the local and state goal has never has been made based on concrete information. This is because we have lacked knowledge both of our current resources and our overall level of need.

The Stark County Council of Scholarship, Internship and Co-op Providers will begin to supply this information and develop approaches to directly address the goal of the state's Ohio Can! Go to college "to catalyze resources—dollar and human—that will not only significantly increase the number of internships available, but also increase the number of scholarship dollars available."

The Council includes local foundations and scholarship providers, university and college financial aid administrators, internship and co-op providers and K-12 district representatives. The two year project is funded by the Ohio College Access Network and the Stark Education Partnership.

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