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January 16, 2009
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Canton Tomorrow
Dr. Adrienne O'Neill made a presentation to the Board of Canton Tomorrow on Thursday morning. The focus was on increased rigor in the curricula and the results reported in Then and Now.

Ohio Partnership for Continued Learning

On Wednesday, Dr. Joe Rochford attended the meeting of the Ohio Partnership for Continued Learning in Columbus.
Two Become National Board Certified Teachers
Our congratulations to Allison Morris at Sandy Valley High School and Sherry Runzo at East Canton Middle School on becoming National Board Certified Teachers. 

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Stark County P-16: Then and NowStark County P-16: Then and Now

On October 24, 2002, over 130 community leaders came together at the McKinley Grand Hotel in downtown Canton to consider the findings of a white paper called the Class of 2021.

That paper, authored by the Stark County P-16 Compact, took a hard and serious look at the county's education levels in relation to the state and nation, but it also went further. The Class of 2021 proposed a vision for the future that was centered on creating a seamless system of education, from preschool through college (P-16).

Leaders decided that day that in order to achieve that vision, two goals were paramount. These were to achieve a 100% high school graduation rate and to increase the number of students going on to college. In the ensuing years, members of the Stark County P-16 Compact have created and engaged a powerful network of networks to make both goals a reality. How has the community done?
Then and Now Chart

Since 2000, Stark has also outpaced both the state and nation on growth in the percentage of its adults with associate and bachelors degrees, is outpacing the nation and matching the state on graduate and professional degrees. Other facts about education growth and plans for the future can be found in a new document, Stark County P-16: Then and Now at www.edpartner.org.


* Stark County residents of all ages. Source: U.S. Census Bureau
** Stark County residents 25, or older. Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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