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April 17, 2009
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Chancellor Eric Fingerhut's most recent testimony on college affordability before the Ohio Senate can be found at: http://uso.edu/newsUpdates/features/testimonies/index.php
Fingerhut's College Affordability Testimony
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Ohioans Split on ACT, but Not on Eliminating a Bubble TestSingle "High Stakes" Graduation Test

In a poll released by the KnowledgeWorks Foundation,* Ohioans indicate that they are split on replacing the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) with the ACT test, a component of Governor Ted Strickland's education reform plan.

Fallon Research & Communications polled a sample of 807 registered voters for the Cincinnati-based foundation last month and asked:

Do you favor or oppose eliminating the current statewide high school graduation test, and replacing it with a requirement for a minimum passing score on the ACT college entrance test, which would have to be taken by all students, even if they do not plan to attend college?

47.8% favored using the ACT, while 44.9% were opposed and 7.3% were unsure or had no answer. However, when it came to asking whether or not Ohio should move away from a single high stakes test to determine graduation, Ohioans replied differently.

Do you favor or oppose determining graduation requirements on a combination of factors, including community service and senior projects, rather than one factor, such as a single test score?

66.1% replied in favor, while 27.6% opposed and 6.3% were unsure or had no answer.**


* A summary of poll findings is available from SandersL@kwfdn.org or at http://www.schoolfundingmatters.org/files/folders/publications/entry163.aspx
** Margin of error on poll results is +/- 3.44%
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