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April 22, 2016
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2014-15 Dual Credit/ College Credit Plus

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When it Comes to Dual Credit, Stark's Students Haven't Waited on Their Future

"Why wait for your future?" says the Ohio Department of Education website. "With College Credit Plus, you can earn college and high school credit at the same time."[1]

Ohio's new CCP program went into effect this academic year replacing Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO). With CCP the idea of dual credit courses for high school students has gained wider acceptance. It wasn't always so. Barely eight years ago, less than 15% of the state's high school students enrolled through PSEO - which many argued was just for gifted or high performing students. At that time, Stark's enrollment was slightly over 450 students.

Now, Ohio students may not have to wait for their future when it comes to dual credit, but in Stark County, they haven't for years. That's because in 2006, the Stark Education Partnership, Stark State College, and the Stark County Educational Service Center launched a pilot known as "Summer Scholars" to expand dual credit to average performing, and often impoverished, high school students. It has been growing ever since.[2]

Last year there were 5,934 dual credit enrollments. With 2,032 students 
enrolled at public colleges alone, Stark ranks second among Ohio's 88 
counties in the number of high school students taking college courses.

What has it meant for our students and their futures? Those students got a head start on college by earning credit for 5,190 three-hour college courses. Another benefit - in an era where the average student debt in Ohio is over $29,000 - is that students and their families will collectively save $2,992,996 on tuition at a two-year public college or as much as $13,819,406 if they enroll at a private four-year institution.[3]

[2] Annual reports on the growth of dual credit can be found at
[3] Students also taking Advanced Placement courses can add additional credit and savings.
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