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May 18, 2018
2018 Timken Early College High School Celebration Dinner

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Timken Early College High School Seniors Continue to Excel

In 2005 the Canton City School District, Stark State College and the Canton Professional Educators Association, in collaboration with the Stark Education Partnership, developed the Early College High School program. The Timken Early College High School (TECHS) program, one of McKinley High School's many pathways to graduation, has evolved over time in response to student needs. Key among its strategies are: an opportunity to earn an associate degree as well as a high school diploma; rigorous coursework accompanied by strong support; and a cohort of students who build strong relationships with each other and with faculty and staff.
What are the results from 2009 through 2017?
  • 100% of TECHS students graduated on time.
  • 100% of students who left the program prior to graduation graduated on time.
  • 100% of  TECHS graduates earned at least 1 semester of college credit.
  • 64% of TECHS graduates earned an associate degree.
  • 25% of TECHS graduates earned two associate degrees.
In each case above, the achievements exceed the nation and/or state of Ohio.

In recent interviews, seniors identified the most powerful factor in their success. Their responses highlight the importance of the support they received from faculty, tutors, family and friends.
  • "They push us to succeed and to take the opportunity to better ourselves. They helped us believe we could have a career and more than an entry level job."
  • "School was filled with peers who help each other - great friends who push each other."
  • "We had lots of support from teachers and students. Early College High School is a huge family that cares about each other and helps you find a path that will work for you."
Timken Early College High School, Stark County's pioneer, has demonstrated the power of the belief that all students can achieve with support. Most districts throughout the county now have programs that enable students to earn college credit (CCP) and an associate degree.
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The Stark Education Partnership - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Stark County, Ohio -  is a catalyst, engaging and collaborating with education, business, civic and community stakeholders to drive sustainable improvement and innovation to provide all students with education and career success.  

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