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Subject: Looking at the Issues - June 27, 2008
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June 27, 2008
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Model Schools Conference
Adrienne O'Neill, Ed.D attended the
International Center for Leadership in Education's 16th Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida on June 22 to June 25, 2008.
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Stark Imports, Exports Workers in Northeast Ohio

Change will also require some new beliefs - new to Northeast Ohio at least: That the fates of people from Cleveland to rural Carroll County are intertwined. That if a region of 4 million people cooperates to leverage its many assets, it can be greater than the sum of those parts. - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Stark County's growing interest in participating on regional approaches to education, training and workforce development can be underscored by a simple fact. Counties in Northeast Ohio are increasingly interdependent on one another for their workforces.
Stark Residents Commute Out
While there are 177,234 workers, age 16 and over, living in Stark County, only 171,642 persons actually work here. In fact, when commuting patterns are totaled, Stark is in reality a "net exporter" of nearly 5,600 workers.*  

Where do Stark Countians who leave the county work? The top four counties are shown at right:

Residents from other counties also add substantial numbers to the Stark County workforce. The top four counties contributing workers are shown at right:
Non-Stark Resident Commute In
In total, 20.7% of Stark County residents work outside of Stark County and how this pattern holds in the future will be a factor as both the Stark and the region face additional concerns.

Chief among these are outmigration and an aging workforce. Forty percent of Stark's population alone is over the age of 45. From a current population estimate of 380,575, the county's population in 2030 is projected at 368,900.** Prospects do not appear to be much better for the entire region.

In order to sustain current businesses and attract new enterprises, higher levels of training will become necessary for what may be a dwindling workforce and truly a regional challenge.


* (2005) Ohio Department of Development Commuter Patterns Data
** See: Ohio Department of Development 2007 County Profiles: Stark

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