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Subject: Looking at the Issues - 10/3/08 - Education Rates Increasing at All Levels in Stark: County Closing Gap with State
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October 3, 2008
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Scholarship Fundraising
Wedneday, October 1, Adele Gelb attended the Ohio Can! Go to College meeting at Baldwin Wallace College for discussion and update on the statewide scholarship fundraising effort.

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Education Rates Increasing at All Levels in Stark: County Closing Gap with State

Recent figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau as part of its 2007 American Community Survey (ACS)* show education rates increasing at all levels in Stark County.

While Stark continues to exceed the state and national** average in the percentage of its citizens, age 25 and over, who have earned a high school diploma, the county has now tied the state average in associate degrees.  Further, the county has pulled to within one percentage point on bachelor's degrees.

With a gain of over 4% in the bachelor's degree or higher category since 2000, Stark has substantially narrowed the gap with the state on this important benchmark.***
2000-vs-2007 Degree Attainment

College and graduate school enrollment among all Stark County residents also continues to increase and is at 23,184 compared to the then 2006 all-time record of 22,725. This new record enrollment, while at all ages, is particularly apparent when looking at the age 18-24 group. Here, 43.5% already have some college or an associate degree. The state average is 41.0%.


* The American Community Survey may be accessed at:
** The 2007 national average is 84.5%.
*** Subject to a margin of error of +/- 1.3% (2007); +/-1.2% (2006)
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