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Subject: Looking at the Issues - 10/24/08 - Regional and Local P-16 Councils are Growing in Ohio
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October 24, 2008
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College Access
Adele Gelb recently attended conferences on "College Access and Success" in Dayton and "How Workforce & Economic Development Relate to College Access in Ohio" in Elyria.
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Regional and Local P-16 Councils are Growing in Ohio
... important, complex public problems cannot be solved unless citizen leaders from all walks of life collaborate to craft solutions. - The Ohio Public-Private Collaborative Commission*

In 2002, Stark County formed the first preschool through college (P-16) council in the state of Ohio. Now P-16s have been formed or are organizing in twenty other communities throughout the state.

P-16s are local collaboratives that bring together cross-sector community leadership to create a "network of networks" targeted at integrating education reform and economic development.

This integration is called "convergence," a process first identified by Stark Education Partnership President Adrienne O'Neill and the way it is taking place in Ohio could "serve as a national model of the transformations needed to respond to the new shape of our economy," according to P-16 expert Dennis McGrath.** 

Do Ohio's emerging P-16s have the potential to be the model McGrath proposes? Ohio's Public-Private Collaborative Commission in its recent report to the governor and legislature seems to believe so. As the commission notes:

... here is the bottom line: P-16, like birth-to-career education, is a strategy for engaging the whole community in systemic reform, in bringing down education's unproductive "silos," in raising expectations for what students and schools can accomplish, and in dramatically driving economic growth and prosperity for communities, regions and the state.***

The following map (source: The Ohio Partnership for Continued Learning) illustrates the growth of P-16s in Ohio. A complete list of local and regional P-16s and contact information may be found at:

Ohio P-16 Map

* (2008). Supporting Student Success: A New Learning Day in Ohio. Columbus: Ohio Public-Private Collaborative Commission. available at:
ии McGrath, D. (2008). Convergence as a Strategy and Model: Linking P-16 Education Reform and Economic Development. Cincinnati: KnowledgeWorks Foundation. available at:
иии Op. cit., p. 15
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