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January 24, 2007
Section: Editorials

Seamless education

Gov. Ted Strickland spent a day this week with the presidents of dozens of Ohio colleges and universities. The day was spent discussing ways to deal with some of the biggest challenges faced by institutions of higher education in Ohio, including tuition costs and graduation rates.
As The Associated Press pointed out, not much time was spent on controversial issues such as Strickland's desire to appoint the chancellor of higher education. And not many solutions usually come out of just one day of meetings, either, but it is good that Strickland is making overtures to this group as soon as possible.

Practical, affordable solutions to the problems facing Ohio's institutions of higher learning are of intense concern to parents and college-bound students, as well as to organizations that are in a position to help, such as the Stark County P-16 Compact, whose goals include helping more Stark County high school graduates to earn college diplomas.

"I am convinced," Strickland said in his inauguration speech, "that the road to renewal - the road to a new, vibrant, growing Ohio, begins with building a system of education which is relevant to the needs of all Ohioans from pre-school through college and beyond." Perhaps someone will invite the new governor to Canton to learn how the P-16 Compact and similar organizations can be bridges to this kind of success.

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