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July 17, 2004
Section: Local News

Canton students get jump-start on college opportunities
Repository staff writer

CANTON � Not going to college wasn�t an option for Ellen Brace.
�It was kind of expected,� said Brace, an East Canton resident.

But Brace knows not all students in her son�s high school are afforded that same opportunity or that parental push.

That�s one reason she�s glad her son, Jordan, is attending the College Summit National Workshop at the University of Denver next week.

Jordan will be one of seven seniors from Canton Local, McKinley and Timken high schools participating in the four-day workshop.

It�s designed for low-income students who have more potential than their grades might suggest, said Samantha Lasky, a spokesman for College Summit.

College counselors and writing experts will help the students prepare college applications and apply for grants and other financial aid.

Jordan, who wants to go to Ohio University, Ohio State or Kent State, is looking forward to seeing the University of Denver.

And his mother is looking forward to some extra help with all of that college paperwork. She said things have changed since Jordan�s older brother and sister started college.

She�s also looking forward to Jordan sharing what he�s learned at the workshop with his Canton Local classmates.

�I really feel there may be a problem in their school with (students) feeling limited,� Brace said. �There are lots of opportunities out there.�

College Summit is a national non-profit organization that has increased college enrollment for students from low-income families, Lasky said. Since 1993, College Summit has organized more than 100 college immersion workshops in 14 states. More than 4,000 students and 700 teachers have completed the program.

According to College Summit, 79 percent of its attendees enroll in college compared to 46 percent of their peers.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Regula (R-Bethlehem Twp.) and the Stark Education Partnership worked to get Canton schools involved in the College Summit program.

�The goal is to try to make a culture change in the schools,� Lasky said. �College is possible and guidance is out there.�

You can reach Repository writer Melissa Griffy at (330) 580-8318 or e-mail:


From Thursday to July 25 the following seniors from Canton Local, McKinley and Timken high schools will attend the College Summit National Workshop at the University of Denver.

Students attending:

Jordan Brace, Canton Local

Marques Ellis, McKinley

Elizabeth Keaton, Timken

Alisha McKinney, Canton Local

Nadia Terrell, Canton Local

Ebony Thomas, McKinley

Ross Young, Canton Local

Teachers attending:

Lynn Jackson, Timken

Shawn Monahan, McKinley

Barbara Tscholl, Canton Local

Source: College Summit

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