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August 13, 2008
Section: Letters

Commitment to quality education will continue in Massillon schools

I have served the children and parents of Massillon proudly for nine years. I have placed my priorities and efforts towards placing the students of Massillon in the best position to be successful.
This can be verified by the movement in the DREAM project and the college-readiness program where 21 out of 25 participating seniors from the 2008 graduating class are going on to college. There are students preparing to continue in this once-in-a-lifetime program because of the integrity and loyalty of Walsh University, Aultman Hospital and the Stark Educational Partnership. If there is no building to house the DREAM project that does not mean that the educational and sports medicine piece stops! Walsh University, Washington High School and Aultman Hospital have stepped up and provided their facilities to the students of Massillon and to other students in Stark County that may want to take advantage of this program.

The Massillon Board of Education has not and will not stop in its effort to provide the highest quality public education possible while maintaining the fiscal integrity that was promised to the Massillon community.

I understand rumors, innuendoes and criticism fill the Internet because it is easy to hide your identity that way. I understand when you are a public official criticism comes with the territory and that is fine. I am out and I talk to everyone and those who have asked me questions have received answers to their good and honest questions. I believe in our Massillon community and the Massillon Board of Education will not let our students down because we are Massillon!



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