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August 15, 2003
Section: Editorials

McKinley aims high

The proposed restructuring of McKinley High School next year into five smaller schools will be an interesting experiment to watch.
Each school would have about 400 students, with separate staffs and budgets, yet would operate under the banner of McKinley High School.

The district hopes to receive a $2.6 million grant from the KnowledgeWorks Foundation of Cincinnati. Foundation spokeswoman Deborah Howard said research indicates that students are more successful when they have more access to individualized attention. Under the McKinley plan, students would have mentors and would have the same teachers all four years.

KnowledgeWorks, which offers grants to help public schools make improvements, also should be commended for its commitment at a time when the Ohio Legislature would rather fuel the exodus of children to private schools.

McKinley Principal Charles Keenan, who vows that the schools-within-a-school plan will be implemented with or without the grant, said it could help McKinley to reach its goal of graduating every senior by 2008. Some observers say that�s unrealistic. We say good for Keenan.

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