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October 27, 2002
Section: Opinion

Honored educators are extraordinary, but they are two among many
Editorís Note

At Kent State University Stark Campusí new conference center last Thursday, an absolutely uplifting event took place. Two public school educators, Brenda Neel of Canton City Schools and Richard Hull of Fairless Local Schools, received $35,000 awards from Ward J. ďJackĒ Timken of the Timken Foundation to recognize their outstanding performance as public education reformers in Stark County.
Neel has led the Canton City Schools Freshman Academy since its opening in 1999. Through small class size and intense involvement of teachers with students, the academy from its first year has built a remarkable record of helping new high school students pass their first-year courses, which is establishing a foundation for success that will lead to improvements in the school districtís overall graduation rate.

Graduation rate is the measure of success Hull had in his years as principal of Fairless High School. When he was ap- pointed in 1994, the school had a 66 percent graduation rate. Today, itís 92 percent. What did he do? He formed what he called the Care Team among his teachers. They were specially trained to carefully measure student performance and immediately give extra help to students who showed signs of academic trouble.

The work of both these amazing teachers cannot be summarized adequately in this small space. And extraordinary as they are, they work every day with other extraordinary people similarly dedicated to public education. We all should be grateful that they would dedicate their professional lives to the teaching of our children.

Good work


My colleagues in the circulation department recently won three awards from the Ohio Circulation Managers Association. They won a first-place award in single-copy sales promotions for their Booster Bonanza project. They won first place in carrier promotion, for their North Pole Savings Contest, which helped carriers earn money for Christmas.

They won another first in carrier recognition, for their Rep Wear program, which gave good-performing carriers prizes of specially designed Repository-logo clothing.

If you are a carrier, maybe you enjoyed the benefits of these programs, and if you are a high school football fan, you may have been clipping coupons for your favorite booster club.

Meanwhile, my colleagues in the press room won another Golden Apple quality award from The New York Times for the exceptional work they do in printing that newspaper every day. The Times demands high standards, and when we reach them, they become the standards of quality for printing The Repository, which benefits our own readers.

Election letters

Thereís a little more than one week to go before the General Election. We are up to our elbows in letters to the editor. As has been the case in recent elections, we have many more letters than we can possibly publish. We are publishing the best representative selection we can.

Tax levies spawn letter-writing campaigns, which is fine. But those campaigns donít relieve writers of the obligation to follow our few, simple guidelines for letters to the editor. Some letters came without addresses and phone numbers, which we use to verify the identity of the person signing the letter. Those letters will not be published.

Call or write

You can reach me by phone at (330) 580-8310. You can leave a recorded comment on the REPline at (330) 430-7999, Ext. 1020. You can e-mail me at:

Our mailing address is 500 Market Ave. S, Canton 44702.

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