The great achievements of Stark County’s educational system over the last ten years have been powered by the collaborative efforts of all educators and community stakeholders in the county. During that time, SEP served as a catalyst in the roles of advocate, broker, convener, educator, and researcher. Going forward, the SEP model for success will be maintained and enhanced. That model includes efficiency, effectiveness, collaboration, influence, research, grant design, and leveraging of county resources for synergistic impact. 

The first dimension of the 2020 SEP Strategy is to maintain and improve on the successes already achieved. As we move forward, we will build on the innovative practices that have been identified in this narrative to support districts in the transformational changes needed to prepare students for their future.

The second dimension of the 2020 SEP Strategy is for the Stark Education Partnership to drive…the implementation of innovative practices using quality measures through research to transform student engagement in collaboration with our cradle to career partners.

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