Student-engaged transformation

Strategy Three: Stark Education Partnership will drive student-centered transformation by engaging the education community in grassroots efforts.

While the SEP efforts have always focused on improving outcomes for students, this strategy stretches stakeholders to personalize the school environment. The strategy encourages schools to banish the culture of anonymity and teaching to the “average’ and shift to developing personalized learning plans for each student with student-involvement.

The deeper transformation is with the curriculum, instruction and assessment to improve student performance and develop students in eight core competencies: curiosity, creativity, criticism, communication, collaboration, compassion, composure and citizenship (Robinson, 2015).

In a personalized learning environment, students are central in the planning, monitor their own progress toward their learning goals and are given time and support from educators as needed. The focus of learning will be depth of knowledge over breadth of knowledge, offering alternatives to tracking and grouping, providing students with real-life connections to the concepts they are learning.

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