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The Stark Education Partnership - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Stark County, Ohio - is a catalyst, engaging and collaborating with education, business, civic and community stakeholders to drive sustainable improvement and innovation to provide all students with education and career success.  

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The Courage to Innovate

Issues (May 21, 2021) This is my final Looking at the Issues article as I will be retiring from the Partnership in June. My final reflection is a call for disruptive innovation that gives our education...

Who Won 'Lifetime Educator' Award?

The Repository (May 15, 2021) Teresa Purses was working at a grocery store just after college graduation when a former teacher approached her and urged her to talk to the secretary....

Greater Stark County Stops Admiring the Problem... and Finds Solutions

Issues (May 14, 2021) The data speak volumes. There are unfilled jobs, unemployed and underemployed workers, empty seats in college and training classes, and families with insufficient income...

Commentary: Let’s extend In-Demand Jobs Week to In-Demand Jobs Year

The Repository (May 7, 2021) At the April meeting of the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board, Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted challenged us to extend In-Demand Jobs Week...

Research Supports Major Shift Needed in Early Education

Issues (May 7, 2021) With recent advances in neuroscience, we understand that a child’s early experiences are essential for long-term learning and growth. In particular, during the first five years...


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Making an IMPACT

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