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Strategy 2

Foster Best Practices, Innovation,
and Technology in Education

SEP challenges and supports local educational leaders in continually advancing the system to better meet student and community needs. We will sustain and strengthen conditions for student success by supporting the growth of innovative new practices, the adoption of proven best practices, and leveraging technology to improve student outcomes and equip them with in-demand skills. Priorities include: 

  • Communicating and encouraging research-based best practices in curriculum and instructional delivery. This may include utilizing data to inform and influence classroom instruction and school leaders (the same practices might also be applied to institutions of higher education), providing technical assistance to nonprofits and others interested in launching talent development programs in schools, and showcasing local best practices in the Looking at the Issues newsletter and/or via other modalities. 

  • Supporting initiatives to reinforce the teacher pipeline. This may include catalyzing efforts to get more undergraduates to engage in schools and building “grow your own” programs that start as early as high school. 

  • Strengthening seamless transitions for students across the educational continuum. This may include supporting FAFSA completion, creating opportunities for students to earn technological credentials, promoting graduation pathways to college and careers, and developing new internship and work-based learning opportunities for college students.

  • Promoting best-in-class professional development opportunities. This may include facilitating new training opportunities addressing emerging needs, piloting new concepts in continuing education opportunities for teacher licensure, and coordinating career exploration opportunities for teachers virtually and in-person.

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