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Strategy 3

Enable Strategic Action through Communication, Data, and Research

SEP enhances the ability of organizations throughout Stark County to make timely decisions that move our community forward by providing actionable research and data. We will track, analyze, and synthesize research, leverage data, share national and statewide best practices to Stark County, and learn together with other organizations to facilitate collaborative problem-solving on the most pressing issues across the educational continuum, and invest in high impact strategies. Priorities include:

  • Making community data more accessible and actionable. This may include developing and maintaining a dashboard of indicators, tracing progress of key transition points (kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade literacy, 8th grade math, high school diploma and credential attainment, and college persistence), individually tracking students beyond high school and college graduation by up to six years, facilitating goal setting, and collaborating with other community organizations to make data more accessible. 

  • Discovering and communicating emerging best practices. This may include updates in the Looking at the Issues newsletter, disseminating research on effective instructional strategies in areas of interest, and facilitating informational sessions on emerging areas of interest.

  • Providing evaluation support to assess impact. This may include providing low-cost evaluation services to partner organizations in the community.

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